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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
^ This. Easy, simple, reliable.

Alternativelly, if you have a bit of that string left:
Clamp off on second string up, tie-off there. Then string the last 2 crosses again using the left over pice from the original job.

If all failed, go with your hybrid idea (but use a smooth slippery poly), that plays nicer anyways!
Alright I went with this. A little nervous about applying crazy glue to the string so close to the grommet. Ali recommended the glue too.

Clamped off 18th cross.

Removed knot (came out really easily, surprised it was holding out). Started 19th cross and had to work a little magic to be able to get both through tie off hole but managed. Pulled the 19th main and tied them off.

Will try it out tomorrow if club is open. Jolly told me they were closing at 5pm today due to the storm. Heard the end of the island is getting it pretty hard, over a foot already. We have maybe 4-5 inches on south shore. Their website says there having a postponed opening, 3pm.
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