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Originally Posted by Colin View Post
Originally Posted by vernonbc
Really drives home the need for a players association of some sort that will look after the best interests of the players, doesn't it? Here's hoping that the new president/CEO will be someone from the player's side, not management's. May not happen with Roger as the head of the Players Council.
The story says that Roger objected to the ATP tournament reps' stance against raising prize money; in fact, he continues to fight for higher shares of the prize money for lower-ranked players.
That's not what I was referring to. The story also mentions ATP President Brad Drewett abstained from the vote thus leaving it tied three all and therefore neither accepted nor rejected. It's not surprising since Drewett came from the management side of the ATP. Other players wanted a CEO who would be more sympathetic to the player's concerns, someone like Richard Krajicek, but Roger disagreed and pushed for Drewett. Well, now we're seeing the results of Roger exerting his influence and it wasn't a positive result for the players.
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