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Before I present my take on Federer's opposition, I want to respond to some of the comments that have appeared in this thread, beginning with the most recent one questioning my sanity, concerning the one-dimensional Ivanisevic.
First of all, why was John Isner brought up? In which year did he finish in the Top 10?? And if GI isn't the most one-dimensional Top 10, who is?? What would have been his Plan B had his serve not been firing on all cylinders?? Watch some of his stuff on Youtube.
Biaggi35: How do you know how much Safin had left for the Australian 2004 final? Did he tell you?? The guy was about 24 years old at the time. Was he already over the hill? By the way, Safin finished 2-10 versus RF. If there was an anomaly at the Australian Open, it took place in 2005, not 2004, but in my opinion, each winner was fully deserving of his victory.
Federer did play Safin again at a major, Wimbledon 08.
Greg Rusedski was not a big threat at Wimbledon. He reached one QF. The US final he reached in the same year was the last time he got past the 4th round in any major.
Bjorkman, SF at Wimbledon vs Federer: You forgot to mention the semi-finalist PS played at the 2000 Wimbledon. It was Voltchkov, and he was ranked 237th.
Ferrero did decline badly in 2004, but not until after the Australian, where he reached the SF.
You're correct about Ljubicic: He and Federer never met in a major. He was notoriously weak in the majors, so I doubt that anyone thinks of him when discussing RF's opposition.
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