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Originally Posted by Jqlevy View Post
Yeah I definitely don't like it too stiff. I would go as low as 45lbs/48lbs but is it okay to go that low with the xcel?
When I tried poly/syn gut at 46lbs it played and felt terrible. I know the issue was w/the syn gut cross being strung too low because I've had good experiences with full poly in the mid 40's down to the mid 30's. The syn gut cross @ 46lbs was just so bad that I would never try it below 50lbs again. If I was going to string a PLX hybrid in the mid 40's, I would string the PLX 17 @ 46lbs and syn gut crosses at a minimum of 50lbs. A multi is more responsive than syn gut though and different enough that it might work well below 50lbs - You might want to ask mikeler or pvaudio in their threads for opinions on stringing multis below 50lbs.

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