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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I don't think he means to cause any disruption to new managers, it's just that he's such a huge part of the club and if i'm honest, I see him more as "Mr Chelsea" than Terry, that's always going to make it difficult having him around. He's happy not playing every game, he's even happy being payed average Premier League wages, it's just his aura I suppose.

As for slowing the game down, I don't think he really does that, but alot of people have said that he does. To me he seems to be the one who speeds it up for us, he's always the one looking to play the incisive passes, he's set Ba up a few times already (including the ball through where he got his nose broke I think ). Whenever he gets the ball he's always looking to get rid of it quickly, maybe it seems like he slows things down as he's usually playing with Ramires who isn't the most technical of players, if he had someone next to him who he could play the modern style of little triangle passes with (which Arsenal do), i'm sure he would and could.

I think he would be great for Arsenal or Man Utd, for himself I couldn't hold it against him if he decided to go that route, as opposed to the MLS.
I want Lampard to come to the MLS. He'd be the best player in the league atuomatically. He can get a lot more of the ball and will easily be able to dictate play with MLS being slightly slower than what you've got across the pond.
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