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Sachia played really well, moved well, played consistently and smart. Taylor played well but not well enough against a girl who has much more experience in the pro circuit. Taylor served really well in the 1st set. She had beautiful forehands. She moved quite well. However she just hit way too many unforced errors, most of them just over hitting (wide or deep). From time to time, Taylor played as if she was playing a junior player. One example was that she threw a moon ball that landed 2-3 behind the service line, but she came in to the net and got passed down the line. She could not hit hard from her backhand. She still loves to come to the net. But against good players, she would need to hit a lot better and deeper approaches or come in when her opponent is chasing the ball. In addition, she would need to put more pressure on Sachia's serves. Taylor appeared to stay cool through out the match, while Sachia often showed displeasure for missing shots. However, in the end it was Taylor who did not play like she had confidence to come back and win the match.

Maybe she is just rusty - no tournament for more than 4 months!
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I watched the last 5-6 games of this match and pretty much agreed with what you said.
I also watched the match she played double with Martina Navratilova against other pros in World Team Tennis last year. Taylor loved coming to the net but it seemed she could not handle the pro level pace and passing shots yet. Her volley skills and all court game soothed her well in juniors but she will need to evolve to be successful at the pro level.
You two have to be completely wrong there is no way the no. 1 junior in the ITF who has won titles at the grand slams could enter a tournament and lose to Vickery , ASK TCF he wont believe it , BTW what door was Towsend trying to enter at that tourney , I still cant believe it !! this is not how it happens according to TCF !! Ha Ha Ha anyways I hope Taylor does well cause I have talked to her and she is a real sweet girl .

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