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Originally Posted by dafinch View Post
What "hate" are you referring to? He IS a proven cheater, he DID have a putrid loss to the 100th ranked player, and he DID try and intimidate that player. The only thing I said that wasn't fact was my opinion that part of this long lay off can be attributed to his pride being hurt and/or shaken confidence. YOUR words are dripping with, uh, let's call it "cluelessness."
The way you are expressing yourself clearly exposes a deep seated hatred towards Nadal. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you can acknowledge it.

There are two facets to words: Denotation and connotation. The connotations of some of the words you use are so negative (as in "putrid") that it's hard to ignore them. Do you use "putrid" often to refer to sports, or anything else, for that matter?

Also the way you intentionally capitalize some of your words for emphasis, is quite revealing. Seriously, you sound like a goth girl behind the keyboard conspiring against one of her arch enemies. Take it easy, dude. Maybe a visit to your mental health care provider is in order.
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