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OK. 20 pages and 20,000+ views, I better have something good already!

Worked on the takeback and SSC today...after 3 hours of doubles. So please forgive my legs. Concentrated on keeping the backswing short and on my right side. I do think I managed to trim down the takeback and get a somewhat better PTD position, though I suppose I could hide the butt more at the end of the takeback. But at least I'm not getting into the supinated position way before contact!

Back view:

I seem to get the hang of it at this point. It almost feels like a sidearm throw. Hit it right, there's easy power. If I relaxed my concentration, the old wrist action would creep in. Dang this is hard!:

Side view:

This looks like the best one there:

Gonna keep working on it. Comment away!

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