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Originally Posted by President View Post
Grass rewards athleticism, footwork, touch, and the ability to make quick adjustments, no matter WHAT the speed of the surface. All of these things Nadal is FAR better at than Agassi, there's a reason he is such a good grass courter compared to players like Djokovic or Ferrer, he has a natural ability on the surface that is hugely underrated. There is absolutely no way Agassi, with his lackluster athleticism and overall physical ability would ever be as good as Nadal on today's grass. Nadal is just an inherently much better player on natural surfaces than Andre ever was.
yeah, only thing is agassi's RoS is clearly better than nadal's and that in itself is a huge thing on grass ....agassi handled low bounces at wimbledon fairly well ....he'd find it much easier to get into a rhythm on today's grass ....
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