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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Well my arm would break sooner, starting from my shoulder :/
I wonder if Prestige Mid will hold better for you due to tubular design and 40 lbs non-kevlar strings...
We will see, I only hit with it for a bit because I had a match to play and wanted to use my normal frames.

I haven't even put a full stringjob through it yet, my first one was cut short when I shanked a kick serve.

I think it was about to break anyway though, was notched pretty deeply. But that one was at 44, and still felt too stiff where I normally hit.

Prestige sweet spot seems to be dead center, and I hit higher in the bed, so the prestige is a bit stiff where I hit the ball. Hopefully stringing it at 40 will help, she sure is a lively bitc* strung that low.

Never met a string that loves low tension like BBO.

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