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Immediately post stringing. As I mentioned in my first post, I snapped the end of the string when I tying off the knot. Hmmm....

I hoped it might have held but on the third outing, half way through the 1st set of my match yesterday, I noticed that all of my T serves were going long, and the serves from the ad side onto my opponents BH were going half way into the trams - which never normally happens as the 6.1 is pretty precise in terms of allowing you to hit your spots when serving. Taking a bit rip at the ball on groundstrokes sent the ball 2 or 3ft beyond the baseline.

Bounced the stringbed against the base of my palm a couple of times and thought, 'The tension maintenance on this string sucks' as I was sure it felt spongier than what it was previously. Until I noticed this......

Even strung as one piece wasn't enough to keep it playable, so a premature end to this playtest of this string

The end of the knot disappeared into the grommet after stringing, so I couldn't really see what was happening with it until the end eventually slipped through the knot entirely, during subsequent play, as it turned out. Shame really, because I was enjoying the way the string played up to that point.

That said, I like the string enough to try it out further, so have ordered another couple of sets of red ZX 1.27mm

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