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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
You two have to be completely wrong there is no way the no. 1 junior in the ITF who has won titles at the grand slams could enter a tournament and lose to Vickery , ASK TCF he wont believe it , BTW what door was Towsend trying to enter at that tourney , I still cant believe it !! this is not how it happens according to TCF !! Ha Ha Ha anyways I hope Taylor does well cause I have talked to her and she is a real sweet girl .
Taylor got onto the main draw with junior exemption because she was the top ranked junior last year. This should not be considered "back door" because she earned it. A big difference between juniors and pros is that pros are so good running down shots that could have been winners in a junior match. Taylor lost many points when she dictated a rally - she hit 7-8 really good shots and Sachia kept running them down; then Taylor could miss the next ball. Taylor also lost her first round of doubles. She was an even more dominant doubles player in juniors. There was a recent video showing her workout and she said that she lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks. Nice to see that she has started to work on her fitness. Yes, she is highly talented and sweet. With improved fitness and confidence, she will be a top 50 player in a couple of years.
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