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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
A client of mine, was using a Triad 4.0, decided to pick up a Steam 105s. I was surprised that the 105 is lighter than the 99s, even though it has a thicker beam. He also opted to use Lux 4G at @ 62 lbs. This is going to be fun. BTW I recently picked up the 99s, and it's a fun racket to hit with. Though I have not played a real match other than rally and hit a few serves.
Larger frames with bigger beams are 95% of the time lighter then the smaller head sizes and beams. The surprising and different thing with the 105s is that it is actually so heavy compared to other 105" head sizes. Most are 9.0-10.5 strung. Additionally, most are even balance or a little head heavy....but the 105s is 8HL.....those specs are exactly why I bought one.
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