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Originally Posted by sportmac View Post
Just read/watched the TW review on the new Wilson 99s. The first thing I thought of was the infamous spaghetti racquet.

As Chris noted, he's hitting shots he doesn't own and is amazed it's even legal.
Me too.

I'm not sure but believe that both golf and baseball have pretty strict rules when it comes to these things. Tennis has a size rule (I think) but little else.

So where is this going? Can the manufacturers actually get within a stings width of making a racket that performs like the spaghetti did before somethings done?

The string technology has already done enough (good or bad, your call). Are we now going to get frames made specifically for getting the most out of those strings?
Mark Woodford played for years with custom made 14 main string racquets and I believe 12g string. 14 mains meets equipment requirements but don't have the energy to look them up. SO, I don't see how a 16x15 would be a problem. Also, the Prince Graphite 93 has 14 mains. I know the head is smaller but the pattern is very open. Trust me, if the 99s stick created and huge advantage it will be widely adopted by the pros.

Think about the adoption rate of the Pure Drive after Moya and Roddick won GS titles. Many pros switched to it and worldwide sales skyrocketed to the #1 seller. I'll bet you anything this Wilson 99s never comes close to even being a top 25 selling stick.
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