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Originally Posted by Dasol View Post
Good point!

I do not know, but for me volkl is always for its unique "feel" compared to other frames, so whenever people talk about volkl, it is so natural for them to mention the feel IMO.

When I say organix 10 mid is still comfort, though the previous silky smooth feel is gone, I am comparing it to other frames such as from Babolat or even from Wilson. I like the frames from them, but compared to volkl, they are much more crisp and sometimes harsh to me. Although organix 10 mid is not so much silky smooth like powerbridge 10 or C10 pro that I used, compared to Babolat's and Wilson's frames, I think it is much softer and plusher. Also, when I feel the "clean" feel of the frame, rather than jarring feel, I describe it as comfort too.
OK that feels better!
I play tested PB 10 Mid and would not mind the same feel but with less metallic overtones. So maybe this muted version is just it.
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