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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Anything can happen in tennis of course but Chardy beating Rafa on clay?? Rafa is playing very well despite the trolling in this thread. The odds say: emphatic no. I agree that it is difficult to play a player for the 1st time but it will be WAY more difficult for Chardy to get used to Rafa's monstruous clay spin than for Rafa to adjust to anything Chardy has to offer. Just stating the obvious. And oh, yeah, even after 7 months off, Rafa is a better player than Chardy by a landslide. Anybody who equates Nadal on clay to Delpo at AO cannot be serious and I won't take them seriously, accordingly.

No he isn't.

Not true. Lots of players start out badly against Nadal and then adjust quickly to the spin on his shots. You are also not taking into consideration that Nadal's shots have consistently been landing well inside the service boxes. Hitting short is going to get him blown off the court.

No he isn't. Chardy is a better player than Nadal is right now. It's pretty humorous to argue otherwise.
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