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Well this was taken after about 3 hours of play and 45 minutes of drills, so my legs were shot. Balance is a bit better in the previous video I posted. I would prefer to be able to hit from multiple stances as the situation dictates, but given enough time to set up, I do prefer the semiopen stance. Sometimes I stay too open.

Soderling has too long a swing for me, am trying to shorten it up for easier timing/consistency. The takeback in my last vid struck me as more Agassi than Fed, I here:

Here's a real time video, with me holding the edge of the racquet face to shorten the swing:

Links to useful stuff I placed here for easy reference...

Found this video today...perhaps I do need to raise the right elbow a bit more...

Hand fed dead ball drill might help:
It could help, but it may not. Even with an elevated elbow position, (and i think your's is fine), if the arm rotates externally, the elbow is going to drop and slot, and the racquet head will begin to "lead" bueno. This is the crux of teh problem in your case. You're getting there though.
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