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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I've got two! I'm committed to these frames now.

Yes there is excessive string movement in this frame and it gets worse with reduced initial string tension (as in one gets less playtime before strings move the lower the initial tension).

I solved this problem by using the cheap trick mentioned in another thread....hand lotion. It works. There is not even a doubt. I have strings measuring low 40s on RT that snap back into place and play like new. To be honest, I like the way this frame feels with aged strings and hand lotion better than when freshly strung.

The lotion also greatly reduces wear.

So, perhaps this same trick applied with this much softer ZX will allow the string to have a respectable life in the 99S........I shall have to try this.
It might work. Lubrication works, of course, by reducing string-on-string friction. The 99S works in the first place because fewer cross strings means less total string-on-string friction, allowing the mains to slide further and faster than with a full number of crosses. But when the tension gets too low they slide too far and then don't have enough stored energy to snapback with the ball. If they snapback late they will actually reduce spin. But with lubrication, even if they mains are too loose and haven't stored an ideal amount of energy, they can still snap back because they encounter less resistance from the crosses.

I fully support your experiment with ZX in the 99S. However, keep in mind that Ashaway recommends staying under 60 pounds with this string. And from a couple of reports we probably know why - the string lacks tensile strength and will snap if strung above that threshold. So if you try ZX in the 99S I would string it right at 60 pounds. Using it only in the mains with a copoly in the cross might also be smart. I've recommended this in a couple places before, but it seems to me that Gosen Polymaster would be a perfect cross for the 99S. Polymaster is a flat, rectangular string with a cross-section of only 1.0 mm. Because it is flat, the main strings should slide back and forth along it without being sliced, as they normally would be by a cross-string with a circular cross-section. 4S, being "squoval" might also work.

However, even with lubrication you might find the ZX to be too flexible to function optimally in the 99S, but definitely worth a try.

However, I would think that even better than ZX in the 99S would be kevlar. The poster Travlerajm, and the TW Professor, have already experimented with kevlar mains and copoly crosses in 16x10 string patterns, before Wilson trotted out the Steams. Kevlar mains are very stiff, so would tend not to get stretched too far, even after losing tension. This should help with control and shot to shot consistency in the 99S. Paired with copoly crosses, maybe Polymaster, they should be free to slide and snap back very well, and since we're talking Kevlar, they should last much longer than copoly mains.
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