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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Immediately post stringing. As I mentioned in my first post, I snapped the end of the string when I tying off the knot. Hmmm....

I hoped it might have held but on the third outing, half way through the 1st set of my match yesterday, I noticed that all of my T serves were going long, and the serves from the ad side onto my opponents BH were going half way into the trams - which never normally happens as the 6.1 is pretty precise in terms of allowing you to hit your spots when serving. Taking a bit rip at the ball on groundstrokes sent the ball 2 or 3ft beyond the baseline.

Bounced the stringbed against the base of my palm a couple of times and thought, 'This tension maintenance on this string sucks' as I was sure it felt spongier than what it was previously, until I noticed this......

Even strung as one piece wasn't enough to keep it playable, so a premature end to this playtest of this string

The end of the knot disappeared into the grommet after stringing, so I couldn't really see what was happening with it until the end slipped through the knot entirely. Shame really, because I was enjoying the way the string played up to that point.

That said, I like the string enough to try it out further, so have ordered another couple of sets of red ZX 1.27mm
That's a shame. But much better than the pics of a ruptured achilles I feared you would post.

Happy to hear you liked it well enough to continue testing. This thread is finally picking up some steam.

USRSA mentioned the problem of breaking knots in their playtest report:
As mentioned above, when you first take Zyex MonoGut out of the package, your first impression is likely to be that it is a stout-feeling polyester. As you work with it, however, there are indications that it is not as it seems. Zyex MonoGut stretches more under tension than poly, and it’s easier to handle. With a pre-production sample, we gave Zyex MonoGut the “poly tug” when tightening the knot during tie-off and broke the string, as did a couple of our playtesters.
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