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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
the maestro??? Does he actually sing on this one or speak the words as usual?
Speak as usual?

As usual?

With all due respect olli, poorly played. I would invite you or anyone to take Bowie's FORTY YEAR body of work into account and attempt to back up such an assertion devoid of knowledge let alone common sense.

Further, I wouldn't confuse 'edgy stylizing' rock vocals with the tenents of e.g. recitative in opera fwiw.

Fast forward to the ending vox at 2:55 onward: can you "on your best day" singin' in the shower? - vvv

Lastly, "Life on Mars" is a Bowie penned and performed piece that's also been covered by no less a "set of pipes" than Barbara Streisand. Heck, I don't see Barbara Streisand covering any Jon Bon Guido self-consciously "sung" exhibitions of pretense and bombast
(should anyone view that as constituting trad. ROCK singing per se)
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