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The Mobile Tennis Center is going to host B18 Spring Championship. They have tougher rules than USTA. Would it be nice to see other tournaments do the same?


The Mobile Tennis Center uses conduct rules above and beyond those enforced by the USTA.
Players participating in tournaments at the facilities identified are required to abide by these facility rules of behavior on and off of the court. These rules also apply to parents, coaches, siblings, and other guests of the players.

The list below indicates the Facility Behavior Rules:

No use of the word "suck" or any form of the word spoken or spelled.
No use of expressions of frustrations with references to deities (i.e. "Oh My God", "Jesus", "Jesus Christ", "Christ", "God") either spoken or spelled.
No use of "freaking", "frigging", or "fricking" or variations of such words either spoken or spelled.
No Smoking anywhere on the premises. Premises includes parking lots, bathrooms, and anywhere within 30 feet of a tennis court.
Verbal rules apply to any langu-age. We have officials on sight that are fluent in many langu-ages.

Anyone found in violation of these rules may be subject to a Code Violation and receive suspension points.
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