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Originally Posted by iri10 View Post
Townsend's last juniors match was a loss to 15-year-old Ana Konjuh, who was stronger and better conditioned than her. Admittedly Konjuh is a rather good junior - at this moment she's fighting Urszula Radwanska in the 3rd set of a Fed Cup match.

I do wonder if that match was especially motivating. It's one thing to be physically overmatched against a veteran pro, but it's eye opening when a young whippersnapper does it. I'm rooting hard for Townsend to get over that development hump - I like what I've seen of her.
Konjuh won the 3rd set tiebreak 9-7. Urszula is ranked #37 WTA (and #1 junior in 2007). This is unbelievable! I wonder if Radwanska sisters have the same coach. I think Taylor has a better looking game than Ana. Perhaps, she should hire #one as her fitness coach
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