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Originally Posted by harvieharvie View Post
good advice as always guys okay so ive got it down too

Microgel Radical MP 60

dunlop biomimetic 500 50

any sage advice for a newb, or are either fine

once again thanks for the advice.
The older 4d 500 was one of the worst rackets I tried, I'm going to guess the bio 500 will be similar. The 4d 500 TOUR was a lot better imo and is on sale also.

Im one of those who believe a new or developing player is going to have a much easier time controlling and developing their shots with a lower powered racket. I would recommend one of the Radical Midplus rackets. There is also the Liquidmetal version that is slightly less expensive than the Microgel. I let someone who was having a hard time controling a huge high powered racket borrow a very low powered racket amd his consistency made a huge improvement. He even started hitting harder shots.

Please dont get poly strings until you are a well developed player.

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