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Default tension reading w/ racquettune

Hello tw freinds
First. sorry about my bad english.

In my case
initial restring tension reading w/ racquettune was used to good like 1-2 lbs differently from reference tension.
That was good& ok w/me

Now (i mean about 3month& 20 restring job poly& syn) Initial restring tension w/ racquettune is going UP (not down)5-10 lbs from reference tension

So I suspected my machine( gamma progression 2 els) and digital scale( JSCALE-ULTRASPORT-50) first.
Check the digital scale w/weight (of course check the weight w/ another commercial electronic scale) then calibrated my machine.
Nothing wrong with that

Next my stringing job?
Same as last year
Usually 1 pc job w/atw except hybrid job
Nothing good but nothing bad I think

I set up RT what RT want to do to me

My conclusion??
I don't now what's wrong but something wrong........

Thank you for reading this
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