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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Restrung the last few crosses, pulling tension at 52lbs CP. There wasn't quite enough length, so I skipped the last cross before the tie off.

Far from ideal, but its going to have to do until my replacement sets arrive. Will be interesting to see whether its playable or whether it plays like a dog (I suspect that there's too much tension loss or uneven tension in the stringbed now).

Good on ya for salvaging the job. Hope it plays well enough to justify the effort. Those lower crosses aren't doing much anyway But I supposed you'll notice some extra heat if you hit a ball down there.

Very relevant comments from the USRA. When I originally got it, it felt like a poly out of the packet, so I'm assumed it was like poly for stringing purposes when in reality its softer and more susceptible (than poly) to breakage if you're not careful. No breakage when I tied off on the occasion in the above picture. You just need to be a bit more gentle as it doesn't like cack handedness. The string also seems to weaken in any area along its length where it twists or bends onto itself alot eg. a knot.

I experimented with the spare piece of ZX that was left over from not stringing the last cross. If you bend the string 180 degrees back on itself and deliberately kink it under pressure (I squeezed the bend using some pliers) and then flex the bend backwards and forwards repeatedly using your fingers (and we're talking trying to deliberately damage and break the string), it just disintegates like liquorice at the point of the bend. It breaks very easily when you force it to bend backwards and forwards over extreme bending angles.

Doing exactly the same thing with a spare piece of RazorCode (Tecnifibre's new baby) and no matter how many times you deliberately kink it, crush the 180 degree bend with pliers, or wrench it backwards and forwards at the point of the bend, or wrench it with pliers, it just doesn't seem to want to break. Very tough string, though not sure how that translates to arm comfort - stiff probably (RazorCode playtest coming up but that's another story).

ZX is clearly alot softer and less durable than a typical poly. It doesn't resist brutal attempts to break it well. Then again, the trade off is that its alot more comfortable than a poly, and I don't see how during play the string would be subjected to repeated extreme angle bends backwards and forwards.
Interesting. Thanks for reporting on your stress tests. I don't know enough about material physics to say, but it seems unusual that this stuff has low tensile strength (shown in your bending tests and by the fact that it seems to snap when tensioned above 60 pounds) but has a hard surface. I recall reading that tensile strength and hardness were proportional to each other. Maybe I misunderstood. But for us that surface hardness is the key, as it allows the ZX to slide around without notching and denting, which is really what differentiates it from multis with their soft, gooey surfaces. The high melting point helps too.

I re-read that again and I have to say that I pretty much agree with all the positive comments. Not sure if RSI list the comments from positive to negative, but I pretty much agree with the first 26 comments, up to where that woman suggests its a stiff string. The guy who says that it bridges the divided between poly and nylon is right on the money.
Yes, I think they do list the negative comments on the bottom. And it's interesting that even with the highest rated strings that there are always some naysayers at the bottom. Hopefully a couple people scared off by some early negative reports will take a peak at the thread now and experiment with this stuff.

I do want to see what playability and tension maintence is like over 10, 15, 20+ hours though before coming to an overall conclusion. That I suspect is the key.
I'm already pretty excited to try it, even if the lifespan isn't super. But if this stuff lasts 10-20 hours it will definitely be a winning option for people currently cutting out soft copolys after 8-10 hours.
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