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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
Yes, the Radical Os. The only problem is the 18x20 pattern, wich I dont like, but maybe in an OS it wouldn't feel too boardy. Plus, I'd be able to string it really low...
Is there anything like a 16 mais Rad OS? What about those exo3 blue/silver and similar, are they really as uncontrolable as they sound? Anyway, I was hoping for some names from the past, racquets I might cross at a store, used and cheap...
Radical OS pattern is pretty open. 18x20 in a 107. I think the Radical OS with some mass added to/in the handle would be just what you're looking for. Another option would be the Blade Team (now the Blade 104). Although only a 104, the headshape on this thing is awesome. It's wider than the Radical, offering a massive spin window. It also has sub-60 flex and a sweet 18x19 pattern. The new black one and the previous black and gold BLX versions both have power holes at 3&9 but the older K version does not. All are quite light and have low swingweight. But some lead at 12 and some silicone in the handle and you could easily make these into oversize players' sticks. I've been thinking about doing this for a while.
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