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Default Switching to BABOLAT, can't believe it!

I have such an emotional attachment to Wilson, such a heritage, and to play a French Raquet with no soul.......I just like "Old School", small heavy racquets like our 90.

Yet I can't deny the playability. We demoes a Pure Drive GT, you can hit ANYTHING with it, I mean I can hit anything with any racquet, but it's just SO MUCH EASIER. Heh, I'm not going to compete anymore, why not make it easy on myself.

Much more importantly was when my son played it. Normally he plays the 90 and me the 95, but he was hitting everything, I mean running me around, so we are going to order two with bags.

Incidentelly, I tried the Steam 99S, sorry, but what a joke. I can get more spin with my wood racquet. If you want to hit with huge spin real high and land in at the baseline, and that only, that racquet if for you. Slice I have to admit was awesome, I could hit slice from both sides almost as hard as flat or topspin shots. Just a weird racquet, didn't break the strings thank goodness.

But yea that Bab is awesome, it has no flaws.
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