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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
I am really excited about this new racquet as my game is all about spin. I can't hit flat even when I want to. I am seriously thinking about getting this racquet (perhaps even before the club tourney on Thu!).

However, I can't decide which model to get. I currently play 2012 PD, but until PD, I mostly played Prince OS racquets (NXG OS is still near and dear to my heart).

The TW review seems to knock the 105S for stability, but I am guessing I can just use lead tape to make the racquet feel just like my old NXG.

Or should I just go with 99S since that is the model that everyone seems to love?

What do I DO????
The 99S is HORRIBLE. You better demo it before you buy it because you'll hat it. I guess some might like it, but I can't imagine who. Better spin for me with anything.
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