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Originally Posted by forehandbackhand21 View Post
Hey guys,

I'm getting this top/side of shoulder and upper bicep pain when I hit forehands. If I hit in the center of the strings, I dont feel it much, but when I hit it slightly off it hurts, and when I shank its pretty painful. I feel it somewhat sharply right on the corner of my shoulder (feels like its on top of a bone).

I think it may be the rotator cuff, but the weird thing is, it doesnt hurt on the serve! ..........................

Here is a video of the shoulder and some of its structures.
Can you localize your pain better from the video?

Also, see the Ellenbecker video on shoulder anatomy and impingement. It has advice on how to minimize impingement risk on the serve by orienting your arm and shoulders, starts around minute 8.

Recently, there was a thread where a player with a diagnosed labrum injury from a non-tennis accident continued to play because he was scheduled for surgery. It sounded as if he may have injured the labrum farther. ?
See Reply #23 on.

People on forums are unlikely to understand labrum injuries or biceps tendon injuries or any of the many other injuries that your shoulder pain could be coming from.

Don't assume that a small tear of some tissue in your shoulder joint will not be farther injured and torn more by tennis strokes.

You need to see a Dr and get a diagnosis.

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