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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Posted a comment on the YouTube site(a first for me). The green Prince became known as the Classic. The Magnesium may have been called the Magnesium Pro.
I mentioned the Garcia X15, Slazenger Ti, Slaz Plus, Durbin Aluminum, Spalding Smasher(we need to get you a Smasher . Gonzales switched to the Smasher late in his career...a matte aluminum among a sea of chromed steel!

Of course, the Arthur Ashe series was a sandwich construction, a different kind of 'metal' racket. Others of similar design were the Yamaha YCR and the Rossignol R-40 and RT.(Johan Kriek et al); all were aluminum 'faces' with FRP, foam and 'secret materials' making up the in*****.

Between this thread and the one with the Ektelon C and Victor StayTite, I'm having some serious flashbacks to the '70s !!!
Thanks coach ... lots more deserving metals need to be mentioned, which is why I like contributing in these threads.
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