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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Don't forget the PDP Open - it was also licensed to adidas and Le Coq Sportif (at the time LCS was owned by adidas) and they had the same frame as th Open except instead of the white and orange trim the throat piece was blue.

The Prince Pro which was the 2nd stick Prince released was also a great one and many pro and college players used it.

The Head Master was never really a "players" frame - very soft and was very popular with the ladies leagues and country club folks.

Disagree with the comment that metal frames were hard on the arm.....if anything except for a few of the very stiff ones like the Head Pro - most metal frames very comfortable.

The Rawlings Newcombe stick also nice but had a very short shelf life and the quality was crap - the throat support would break - I had o bud in the Jrs with me in 1974 and he used them and have them replaced almost every ther week.
Sure cant forget the PDP open especially in Roscoe Tanners hands and he served some bullets with that stick. My arms sure preferred the woods and many other players thought the same including Laver. Maybe less of a flex issue and more of a feel and vibration dampening perception ?
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