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Default Spring Level 1 Natl Tournament

As many of us know, it'll be dead after next month. These are the facts as I see them:

- It'll be dead in 2014 (except for some 16 draw tea parties).
- This year (& previous years) the 18s play in Mobile in mid March (the same week that 40-50% of the kids in the US (who are actually going to school) have Spring Break.
- This year (& previous years) the 12s, 14s & 16s L1 ("easter bowls") are played 2-4 weeks later depending on Easter (the same week that 20-30% of the rest of the kids attending schools get a Spring Break).

My kid has never competed (because he can't miss a full week of school after missing several other Mondays during the year), but I'd still like to see a Spring L1 continue, because:

- He might want to attend next year or the year after.
- It gives my kid (or any kid) another L1 to compete in that isn't in late July or early Aug.
- in 18s it'll be during his Spring Break (& he'd definitely want to attend) in 18s.
- Another L1 for college coaches to scout if they wanted to.

Here's a way "out of the box", spit balling, solution & suggestion (that I open to tweaks & comments) for keeping this L1... & actually improving it (by opening up to more kids who might be able to compete during their particular Spring Break):

- Have 64 draws for each age group at Mobile (during the current mid March 18s week).
- Have ANOTHER 64 draw for all age groups 2-4 weeks later in Palm Springs. (gotta sign up for one or the other, not both).
- The day before the Easter Bowl (second location) (have the USTA pay for) the winners & runner up of the Mobile draws in Singles (& the winners in doubles if you think) out to Palm Springs to play the winners & runner up of that draw. (make it airfare for the kid & one parent (or one coach) plus one or two nights room....whatever makes sense).


- Keeps the L1 alive.
- More (& better) kids compete because 75-85% of the kids won't have to miss school. (They'll compete during their Spring Break)
- Exciting East vrs. West battle royale for the title (& only 2-4 kids miss school instead of hundreds....& I'd gladly have my kid miss school for a shot at a gold ball).
- Families (parents) who have competitors in different age groups would be able to travel together to the same site.
- College coaches could attend one or the other (or both) & could travel when & where THEY want to.

(Note - if you wanted the dubs to end at the original location & get finalists points & 1/2 a gold If you wanted the 12s draw to be 48 (or 32) per If the guru's want to hold the sites somewhere besides Mobile & Palm

What do you guys think?

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