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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Then how would you explain players having arm problems with one racquet and then NOT having it with another. I guess these players ONLY use poor technique when playing with Babolat racquets, then magically swing correctly when using a softer ProK...get real guys.
Just like any other form of tendonitis, some people are much more susceptible to it; and the stiffer racquet could aggravate their arm, while having no effect on someone who is not susceptible to tendonitis.

I have Insertional Achilles tendonitis, and wearing overly flexible shoes without much padding causes me great pain, while other people can go their whole lives wearing those types of shoes and not have any issues.

It's just genetics. Now at the same time I've used extremely stiff racquets for the last 12 years with absolutely no elbow issues.
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