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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
Funky business...

My NXG mids took my assumptions regarding racquet types, string patterns, and spin production and planted them all firmly on their ear. While those have probably the most dense pattern in any graphite frame I've owned, they probably also rank among the greatest spin-factories I've ever used.
The NXG frames have a lot features that make them extra spin friendly:

1. The NXG has a lot of tailweighting (part of the triple-threat technology). It has a buttcap that weighs about twice as heavy as typical frame due to the thickened see-through base. It also has a silcone rubber insert underneath the butt cap that adds another 4g. And on top of that, the handle is much heavier than most frames due to the 4-tube design. If anyone doubts the spin effects of tailweighting - try an experiment of tacking 2-3 ounces of weight to the end of the butt - the increase in dwell time and softness of impact will be very noticeable.

2. The NXG is polarized - the added mass in the hoop is added at the 11 and 1 positions - the other part of the "triple-threat" technology. This gives the NXG low dynamic stiffness. If you add mass the throat, the NXG stiffens a lot, and its spin potential goes down.

3. The NXG is flexible.

4. The NXG is stiffened in the plane of the stringbed with the crossbar.

5. The NXG sports the More technology (molded in two parts like the O3 frames). This also stiffens the frame in the plane of the stringbed, adding to spin potential.

6. The NXG is grommetless. This also effectively stiffens the frame in the plane of the stringbed to cause more lateral stringbed stretching, adding to spin potential.

I have not hit with the NXG mid, but I played the NXG OS for a couple of years. It is the most naturally spin-friendly frame I own.
POG OS. 368 SW, 12.54" balance, 21.0 MgR/I.
Problend kevlar 16 / Prestretched SPPP 17, 72/50 lbs.

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