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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
The racquet that gave me the most amazing spin while still having low launch angle was the BLX Pro Tour. I had it strung with kevlar/poly in the low 40s.
It has just about the densest patterned you can buy. Unfortunately, I had to return the one I bought from TW because it had a misaligned pallet, and they had no more in stock to replace it.

On the other end of the spectrum, I had to move on from the O3 Red because the extremely open pattern was not a good match for the extremely spin-friendly stiffness ratio. The launch angle was just too extreme, especially with spin-friendly string setups. That's why I'm not really tempted by the Steam 99s at all.

I just ordered a BLX Blade to replace my BLX Pro Tour to have something similar to play around with, but I don't think the Blade has as dense a pattern as the Pro Tour though.
I really hated the BLX Blade for some reason, didn't like the balance, it felt like a club and the feel was very dead from the stringbed.

I'm getting a lot of "good spin" out of Graphine Speed Pro right now, but I figured it had to do more with dense string pattern to keep the trajectory low and massive polarization for easy head speeds (and 100" head gives more brush up margin)
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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