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After much experimentation with a variety of string types and patterns, I currently advocate using a stringbed that is dense and stiff in the center, but open and deformable at the periphery. I skip the top and bottom cross and the outer mains on my current racquet to turn an 18x20 into a 16x18 that is dense in the center. The stiffness in the center where the ball meets the strings is important for control - if the center of the stringbed is soft, the ball will dent into it, causing launch angle to be more dependent on swingpath and incoming spin. You don't want that - if the stringbed does not dent, the launch angle is more independent of the incoming spin and swingpath, so the launch angle is determined mostly by racquetface angle, giving optimal control. Having a more open periphery lets the center of the stringbed deflect more to increase spin and power.
Trav, what do you think of the setup Lendl has been using lately as a way to produce this type of stringbed? (Center mains and crosses copoly, peripheral mains and crosses gut.)
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