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Default Need help starting mains.

I am new to stringing. I own a new Alpha pioneer DC plus drop weight stringer. My friends dad taught me how to string on his electric stringer.

He taught me to start the mains by pulling the first two mains together, but only clamping one, and then pulling the one that I didn't clamp again and then clamping it. It was easy on the electric, but on mine it seems nearly impossible to pull both without one slipping. I used to have to try at least 10+ times (except for the few times I got lucky).

Lately I've been getting so dang frustrated by it that I looked online for a different way to do it. I found one guy that did it by putting a clamp on one of the strings without even tensioning it. Then he just pulled the other string (the one that wasn't clamped) and continued to string one string to the left and then one to the right, without ever tensioning that one string that he originally clamped.

I tried this and it worked just fine, and was much less frustrating. I later asked a friend about it and he said that starting the mains like that could damage the frame.

Any help or video resources would be appreciated.

Btw I am currently only stringing one piece. I am going to try to learn two piece in the near future, however, as I am possibly switching to a head racquet.
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