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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Lubrication definitely works. The only downsides are 1) marks on the ball, 2) hassle of appliction, 3) it wears off quite quickly, so you're gradually losing spin and getting a higher and higher rebound angle the longer you play with it. If a player wanted to use this in competition, they'd want to have multiple racquets and rotate them regularly.
I played around this this today, and reapplying on every other changeover seems about sufficient. It takes maybe 10 seconds to apply (its obviously a very small amount). It can be stretched a little longer, but with older strings the drop off in performance with longer periods of time becomes noticeable.

Marks on the ball were minimal (not noticeable really) but I was playing on hard court. On clay, this may not be the case....haven't tried it yet.
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