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Originally Posted by corners View Post
However, I would think that even better than ZX in the 99S would be kevlar. The poster Travlerajm, and the TW Professor, have already experimented with kevlar mains and copoly crosses in 16x10 string patterns, before Wilson trotted out the Steams. Kevlar mains are very stiff, so would tend not to get stretched too far, even after losing tension. This should help with control and shot to shot consistency in the 99S. Paired with copoly crosses, maybe Polymaster, they should be free to slide and snap back very well, and since we're talking Kevlar, they should last much longer than copoly mains.
Damn the possibilities never end do they

I have thought about Kevlar....but am a little bit chicken to try them due to the stiffness factor (and associated arm health). Some of the stiffness values for Kevlar on the stringforum are nuts! They make polys look like a strand of overcooked rubbery linguine.
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