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Originally Posted by TennisMD View Post
A lot of " the rkt especially a Babolat hurt my arm" I am a firm believer in technique hurts you more than the rkt. Tennis elbow was around in the wood rkt era, talk about heavy and flexible you certainly were there in the wood age.
I am an above 50 yo player and have used the PDR often since July and on vacations playing 2 to 3 hrs x 7 days and routinely play 5 to 6 hrs a week otherwise, I have had zero elbow issues.
Of course I cross train inluding weights regularly and use very soft string at stiffest champion series with gut in mains at 55 mains and 53 crosses.
So I would not be so quick to castigate the OP and lack of concern for his son( dangerous territory)
Exactly, people play then turn around and blame everyone but themselves.

I started with a wood racquet, never hurt myself, right technique and growing into it, no problem.

Bottom line, which I can't believe I'm saying, is that we are playing BABOLATS, have to admit they are AWESOME, never thought those words would come out of my mouth.
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