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Originally Posted by Indio View Post
Before I present my take on Federer's opposition, I want to respond to some of the comments that have appeared in this thread, beginning with the most recent one questioning my sanity, concerning the one-dimensional Ivanisevic.
First of all, why was John Isner brought up? In which year did he finish in the Top 10?? And if GI isn't the most one-dimensional Top 10, who is?? What would have been his Plan B had his serve not been firing on all cylinders?? Watch some of his stuff on Youtube.
Who said anything about finishing the year Top 10?

Anyway, Muster was more one-dimensional. Take away his forehand and what does he do?

Michael Chang was more one-dimensional. Take away his speed/defense and what does he do?

David Ferrer is more one-dimensional. Take away his speed/defense and he's toast.

Goran had more all-around game than any of those guys. He not only had the huge serve, but he was extremely athletic for his size, he had a big forehand, he had a good backhand, and his return game was above average.

His problem was his mental toughness (or lack thereof). And when part of his game went off because of his lack of mental toughness, it was usually the serve that went first. When his serve was going in, the rest of his game followed suit almost invariably.

You don't have his results with just a serve. Isner, Raonic, and Karlovic dominate with their serves every match (unlike Goran, who would have matches where his serve was more a liability than a weapon, with double faults galore), yet their results aren't even close to what Goran achieved. They never (and will never) sniff #2 in the world.

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