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Originally Posted by APG View Post
I have been playing with this racket for several days. Mine are strung with full gut at a low tension.
The previous reviews on this thread are spot on.
I have been playing with customized BB LT.
At first playing with this stick was an adjustment. I have a X10325 but never really felt comfortable. I prefer smaller head rackets.
93 is perfect.
Once I adjusted to the unique feel I am preferring ( at least for the moment ) the mid. As Hominator indicated this stick feels larger than a 93 in terms of the sweetspot. It has nice plowthru and I am hitting a heavier ball than with my LT's. I am more a flat hitter but I have been incorporating more spin. This stick as one reviewer said Allows you with the open pattern to hit with more spin but with plenty of control.
It is the best of both worlds. Spin on the serve is more accessible and I am getting more pace on my serves. It is efficient and quite maneuverable when volleying and slice bites nicely.
Lastly, despite its firm feel it is soft on the arm with no vibration.
I have not added weight yet but not sure yet the need.
There is no instability yet detected. I usually prefer something a little over 12ozs but will play stock and experiment.
I will keep you posted but essentially I can only punctuate and validate what others have said. This is a nice and comfortable stick.
My LT's will sit for now.

Is Organix 10 mid good with full gut at low tension? I playtested it with NRG2 at 55, and it was quite powerful yet no problem with control. Somebody here mentioned that full poly might be a better option for Organix 10 mid, so I want to know your experience with full gut at low tension
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