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Hey all, Here is the "Franken" String Job!

Sorry all the pictures are crooked. Basically it was a huge pain in the butt to string for my MRT. We ended up doing 12 knots spread out across the frame. Tension was 45lbs across the board, with the outer mains pulled at around 50lbs. It's poly in the centre 8 mains and 8 crosses, then gut in the outer 10 mains, then Gosen OG Sheep in the outer 12 crosses. Took about an hour to do, and due to the extra string for the knots, it feels significantly heavier in the head then normal.

Have to admit though, just bouncing a ball on the string bed feels unreal. I hope to be able to take it out Monday for a test hit (and hope that my stick doesn't explode into a million pieces of graphite) to see how it plays. The feel is amazing though. Never have I felt a string bed like it!


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