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Originally Posted by peoplespeace View Post
Why isnt there an "odds and ends" section only for tennis matters???? Why does my tennis thread have to be next to a thread saying "I love techno"?? Dont get me wrong, i love tecno as much as the next guy! Not least the latest stuff from Dolly Parton, i could go on, but does it really belong next to a thread about tennis?? I dont think so!
Here's an idea: if it's not tennis-related, simply don't click on it. Capiche? Further, there's a "Questions" section where you can address the TW staff directly. Actually I think you have a good idea in separating the "tennis" from the "miscellaneous." The one-track emo fanboys would sure love ya for it.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I agree. Non-tennis stuff needs to go.
I believe the OP was proposing a separate a "Tennis Odds & Ends" section (a reasonable request) and not taking it upon himself to suggest who (and what) gets to post here by gutting the existing Odds & Ends section.
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