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Originally Posted by pondus View Post
Have you heard the expressions "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence"? In this day and age where it's so easy to post information online, you'd think with so many claims he could at least provide a few names and references. This would make it a lot easier to vet his services.

I also wonder about anyone who claims to have access to special knowledge that no one else has. Also, the old "scientifically based" is often used but also too often abused. Anyhow, perhaps Talk Tennis is not the right place to do this research, as it seems no one has really heard of him. I've also heard instructors from IMG Bollietieri are taking his courses, perhaps I'll check with them to see what they thought (not sure how to track them down).
I've used his website, and enjoy the info, and it helps confirm much of my teaching methods. I hear you on the braggadocio usually not what they say. But, he seems pretty legit and expensive, I feel that if pros used his philosophy of two years with him, and no other coach, commitment to 4 hour lessons, etc., they would also have pretty solid results. But, go check him out.
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