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Originally Posted by MTF07 View Post
Ljubicic was a rival for about a year, two tops. Stop acting like he was a consistent presence in the top 10.
During Federer's best years Ljubicic was a consistent top player. I remember when he and Nalbandian were fighting for number 3 in the rankings. And besides that, you can't say he wasn't one of Federer's biggest rivals when they have played more than 15 times (more than Fed - Safin and Fed - Agassi for example) and had some great matches in the Masters events (IW '05, TMC '05 and Miami '06 come to mind). Actually, I think Ljubicic is a superb tennis player, but the fact that he couldn't even get to a match against Federer in the Slams, shows you that Sampras' rivals weren't more inconsistent.
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