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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
How do you guys know whether Federer said that the pay was OK?. Janowicz would be more likely to know.
And Davydenko said a similar thing.

Also, as someone pointed out, Hewitt said a similar thing about there being some distance with him.
Federer, who has been among those involved in meetings with the leaders of the Grand Slam tournaments in the past year, expressed guarded optimism in an interview during the offseason.

“Obviously, with the Slams it always gets tricky,” Federer said. “The moment you talk about money, it always puts someone in a tough spot and you don’t like to move the bad thing to the other party. But automatically it’s almost going to happen eventually. You just feel that that is what’s going to happen; that someone is going to say someone is greedy. Either we say it or they say it or something is going to happen.”

He continued: “But I think the process we’ve had, we’ve really tried to avoid it by having good conversations together and that we feel they respect us and we totally respect them because we’ve given everything and more to the Slams. So I think they feel that. They’ve told us this, and it’s nice to be finally at the table with them, just discussing and talking. And I think they see we are good guys; that we want the best for the game and that we want fairness for everybody involved. And they, I think, understand that.

“The question is, is it going to be enough that we are all going to live happily ever after. At this point I’m not sure, but that’s the process we’re in right now, and it’s an interesting one. And obviously there’s movement all around the rankings in terms of what the players think and then at the end of the day, it’s the players’ decision what they want to do.”

Ferreira was involved in a labor dispute and player-power movement in his era, spearheading the attempt in 2003 to create a players union separate from the existing, inherently conflicted arrangement in which players and tournament officials are both part of the A.T.P.

But Ferreira said his group, which included a young Federer, lost momentum when the A.T.P. leadership chose to target a greater percentage of Grand Slam revenue, thus diverting some of the players to a different cause.

“Roger and I haven’t discussed it this time around,” Ferreira said. “I did joke with him when I saw him at Wimbledon and said, ‘Wow! It’s been 10 years and nothing’s changed.’ And Roger kind of laughed and said, ‘You’re right.”’

Ferreira’s conclusion: “Right now they are basically fighting for the same things that we tried to help them with back then in that time.”
Does that seem like someone who is not working on trying to raise the player's winning money?

Also another article detailing Fed's work in the past year or so with this very issue as Emet mentioned.

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