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Originally Posted by tennisnut33 View Post
I'm sure everyone by now must believe Tennis Tutor has fantastic customer service. I wanted to take a moment to concur that their customer service is indeed fantastic. I have a TT model 3 that I bought new back in 1993 when I was stationed in Fla. Over the years I've had to replace the batteries and eventually sent it into TT to have the throwing wheels replaced. The machine was just not consistently throwing the balls at the same depth even with new balls. Following TT's tune-up of the machine, the ball feed motor lost control and was throwing out a ball almost every second. When I called TT, they discussed the problem with me and decided to send me a repalcement control panel vs. sending the machine back. This new control panel was sent free of charge. The next problem I had following replacing the control panel was that the machine would only run for about 45 minutes before beginning to beep. The was happening even though the batteries were replaced only 5 months before sending it to TT. I did find connection issues with the new panel's charge connector. I was able to correct that to maintain a charge status with the Smart Charger and the battery life was nos at 2 hrs before beeping. BTW....your control panel is suppose to begin beeping once your batteries voltage reaches 9.8 volts. James was more than willing to go over my findings and decided to send me another replacement panel since the results didn't point to the batteries. One other concern of the 1st replacement panel was that the charge LED would never indicate a RED condition even after the machine shuts down and only beeping without throwing wheels moving. I've now replaced the 2nd control panel and running another load test with the batteries. Now keep in mind that I have the ball speed at 5.5, ball feed at 3.5 and oscillator off during each battery load test. These are the settings I normally have the machine front placed right at the baseline. My original control panel was all through hole components and TT control panels now have surface mount components. I'm not convinced that the new panels perform the same as the older ones just yet. Just in case my machine still doesn't have the expected 3-4 hour life span before it reaches the 9.8V level to begin beeping, I've taken advantage of the additional space just behind the throwing wheels and welded another battery bracket to add 1 more additional 7.2 AH 12V battery. I'm hoping to have at least 3 hrs of play time with the next load test. I may just repair my old panel if still not satisfied. Hopefully this info helps others.
I'm glad you posted -- buy you're on the verge of having created the longest forum paragraph! Perhaps that could be broken out into 4 to 6 paragraphs so we can read it without going crazy. Nevertheless, hope you don't have to fix the TT yourself.
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