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Originally Posted by Indio View Post
RF 2004-06: Your assessment of GI's physical skills in no way comes close to matching the reality, and I'm talking about what ultimately counts in sports--the wins and losses columns. If GI actually had the things you credited him with, he surely would have done better than to finish his career with a 599-333 record, to go with 22 titles. Of those 22 victories, 15 came indoors. I trust you can draw the proper conclusion. In addition, his outdoor hardcourt winning % is a meager 58.2, one of the worst I could find for a Top 10 player. Finally, his clay-court % is 61.8. Even the much-maligned Andy Roddick did better, at 63.6. That mental toughness must have been absent far too often.
I love how you cite those numbers as if they're bad, or help your case in the slightest.

How many French Open quarterfinals did Roddick make? How did he do in Rome? Monte Carlo? Roddick only played Monte Carlo twice. It kind of helps your percentage when you skip most clay court tournaments and then make a couple fluke runs to the semis in Rome.

Winning percentage for a career is utterly meaningless. Guys who take longer to reach their primes, or who play well past their primes, accumulate more losses that are, ultimately, irrelevant in a discussion like this.

Marat Safin's career record was 422-267 (61.3%). Ivanisevic's career record was 599-333 (64.3%). Ouch. So much for the percentage argument.

Nobody cares about Ivanisevic 1999-2004, unless you're talking about the only tournament he showed up in during that span, which was 2001 Wimbledon.

Goran would have accumulated more titles during his prime, but guys like Sampras and Agassi were kind of better. Ya know?

That doesn't change the fact that he was far, far, far from "the most one-dimensional Top 10 player in history." That's one of the most idiotic things ever said in the history of the world.

What did Thomas Muster do off clay? Look it up and post it here.

What did Wayne Ferreira do? He finished in the Top 10.

Thomas Enqvist. How did his career go? How did he do on grass and clay?

How did Sergi Brugeura do off clay?

How about Jonas Bjorkman and Magnus Norman?

The list of Top 10 guys inferior all-around to Ivanisevic goes on and on and on.

Andy Roddick definitely had a better career than Ivanisevic, but Ivanisevic had more talent. Roddick was much stronger mentally.

But Roddick is also far from being the most one-dimensional Top 10 player ever.

If you want to defend Federer's competition, great...but don't go knocking legitimate top players in Sampras's era to do it.
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