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Default FYI: I'm going to attempt to live-stream a stringing room 2013/02/13 - 17 WED-SUN

Stream link - check if live according to below schedule, no promises on broadcast availability...

Hi all, I'll be stringing for the ITA National indoors tournament next week, and I'm going to attempt to live stream it. I'm unsure on the hours the stream will be live, AND I'm unsure of the quality of internet service I'll have, but I just wanted to give a heads up. I'll be updating this thread with more details as it comes to me.

I have a preliminary schedule already, but there are two sites that we're stringing at, and the site I'm scheduled to be at for most of the weekend is tentative on internet availability.

If there's no internet availability, or it's spotty, I'm going to try to shift schedule to Thursday afternoon - EOD at the "good" site. I'll also be pushing for Friday AM-Evening.

Saturday 8AM-EOD P.S.T. will almost surely be broadcasted, and EOD is likely very, VERY late into the morning hours.

Best case, you'll have two 1/2 day footage, and one full day's footage. The viewing area is going to vary from eye level as a "survey" of the stringing room, to directly above a stringer's machine so you can see what they're doing with their hands.

I'll preface this with the warning: stringing skill level ranges from "ok" to very high, but the setup we've got is NOT going to be "tour"/pro level. The stringers are primarily college students, and they normally string for the home team. Equipment will likely be Gamma Progression ESII+ machines, and you might get a glimpse of my ELS 5800 and/or a Star 4 if all goes well at the other site.

I'll be hosting on -- and if you sign up for an account, you can post questions/comments in chat, and I'll try to drop in from time to time to interact with viewers. I'm not really expecting more than a handful of viewers at any given time, though. I will likely be posting Videos on Demand (VODs) after the event is over if anyone cares to check them out.

Please post any questions/requests here.

Edit: I'll be weighing/checking balance of frames upon request, too. Not all players/teams string through us, so I'll do what I can to fulfill requests...
Tournament info here (seems like their page is woefully under-updated)

Update -- Schedule is likely as follows (all times PST):

Friday 8A - 4P
Saturday 6P - EOD

If wireless is provided at the other site, it'll probably look something like:
Weds 6P - EOD (I expect 3-5 AM)
Thurs 6P - EOD (1A?)
Friday 8A - 4P; 5P - EOD
Saturday 8A - 5P; 6P - EOD
Sunday: 8A - 6P
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